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legends specialty vehiclesThis site is great!  From a design stand point and a functionality stand point.  I am not into custom cars but I really like the design of this site.  This site was designed and maintaned by a larger company (Auto Revo), which specifically deals with automobile websites.  You can tell when a company is good at what they do and have been doing it for a long time.  I have been asked to design and maintain dealership websites and I have turned them down.  Companies that specialize in these types of websites do them better than I could.

I love the woodgrain and the dark, textured background!  It is difficult to have a dark background without making the entire site seem dark, but this one does it just fine.  The logo is one of the sharper logos I have seen in a long time.  It pops off the page and looks truly metallic.  Most car websites work well but do not have this level of stlye and design.  If I enjoyed specialty vehicles, this website would be at the top of my list!

Specialty Vehicles | Classic Cars | Classic Chevrolet Camaros

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mini money jobsThis website is from a clone script designed to act very similar to the webiste Fiverr.  These are very popular and fun websites, in which users post ads for things that they will do for small amounts of money.  These jobs are useful when you are on a shoe-string budget.  The mini jobs range from article writing to logo designs to ridiculous things people are willing to do for money.  A web designer who is just starting out would find a site like this very useful because you could outsource all the different parts of website design to others for very small amounts of cash.

This site might also be great for earning money from home legitimately!  Post some things that you are good at and hope for people to request your services.  Users are allowed to post as many services as they want, creating endless potential for money!

Not a lot to say about the design, but the site itself is fun and potentially lucrative for users and owners alike.

Mini Money Jobs | Sites Like Fiverr | Fiverr Alternative | Make Money Online | Make Money From Home | Micro Jobs

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halloween masks and propsThis site is very fun and dark and scary.  I started out building horror themed websites so I have a soft spot for them.  This one is fun with a flash header and I love the contrast of the brightly colored masks on the brick backgorund.  The masks themselves are the focal point and main purpose of this website and they are awesome!  They are way cooler than the junk you see in the halloween stores, which are usually very over-priced plastic junk.  These masks are made from hand so I'm sure they are somewhat costly, but for a hand-made mask, they are pretty reasonable.  The owners of Six Feet Deep (company that ownes website) are probably great friends to have around halloween!

They also supply movie quality props for anyone interested in making films.

Great site, Awesome masks!... Check it out

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audioplace thumbThis is an extraordinary website!!  It allows people from all over the world, to collaborate together musically to create finished songs.  A drummer in the US (which I happen to be) can add drum tracks to a guitar riff made by a person in Asia.  The possibilities are endless!  I tested lots of features and found the site to be very complex, but somewhat user friendly.  It is a shame that it doesn't have an ton of songs to collaborate with and I don't understand why this site doesn't just blow up and change the way the world makes music.  It is not only free, but offers ways for its users to make money!!!  The few competitors online charge for space and upgrades, etc.  This site pays you to be a musician!

The design is very clean and sharp and I like the contrast of green and gray.  The logo is bold and catchy and I could see it on a hat or t-shirt.  Watch out for this site in the coming months!

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lifeline loan centerOne of the more cutting edge car loan websites we have reviewed has got to be LifelineLoanCenter.  It does what it promises and gets people approved for car loans without setting foot in a car dealership.  From a design standpoint, it is a brave design.  Most websites in the bad credit car loan niche are very boring and cliche.  We allways love to see designers pushing the envelope a little, while still providing the service they promise.  This web business is located in Western Pennsylvania, so if you are in that area, and you need a car loan, with good or bad credit, then give this website a try!

Bad Credit Car Loans | Used Cars Pittsburgh Pa | Used Cars Indiana Pa | Used Cars Greensburg Pa

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bizbuyadsThis is a great website offering similar services to BizBuySell but at a percentage of the cost.  I also found that they are offering free accounts for six months for new business brokers to list their businesses.  In the world of business brokering, the more places you have to list your businesses, and the more eyes that your listings get, the more sales you are going to get.  For this reason, offering cost effective places to list these businesses is a huge advantage for brokers.  Sites like these that offer the same services at discount prices may be seen as "copycats,"  but in my humble opinion, they give options to people with smaller budgets and still provide a wonderful service.  It was designed to look similar to its biggest competition.  I have mixed feelings about this strategy.  On one hand I think that it will look comfortable and familiar to what people are already used to, but on the other hand, it may seem like you are trying to fool people into using the website.

Buy Business | Sell Business

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buysellsiteJust got a look at a new "website for sale" site, which has a really great name and a clean but slightly cliche design.  These types of sites do not have to be flashy.  Many of them look quite similar most likely because they are made with the same clone script, which has been slightly modified so i'm sure they all work well, but they look similar because of it.  However, I can't say enough about the domain name.  I think it is a great name with two great keywords phrases,  "Buy Site" and "Sell Site".  Both of these keyword phrases have a ton of traffic and have very low competition.  Also the logo is very strong but simple, which makes for great uses in marketing the site.  This will be a site to look out for in the next couple of years.

BuySellSite.org | Buy Site | Sell Site | Flippa Alternative

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database for sale

This is a very attractive website, but still very clean and easy to use.  It is a pretty straight forward design with simple navigation and an eye-popping banner.  We also like that it is gold colored (reminds us of making money!).  Very interesting logo and overall color scheme.  In the world of business database downloads, it is refreshing to see a designer create a webpage with a little style.  Most websites in this niche are very boring and style-less.  Gold is not widely used in designing websites, and I'm not sure why.  In my opinion, it looks great and really pops out of a white background.

The website itself is very easy to use with tons of data to download....and they offer lots of free stuff as well!  How can you go wrong with free, usable content.  I have also compared the prices and found that they are more than reasonable.  In some cases, they are a small percentage of what other competitor sites are charging.  Check it out...

Database For Sale | 2009 Business Database | 2011 Business Database | Free Database | Business Database

Business List

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fortune auto creditThis site looks very simple, but not in a bad way.  There was a trend towards very cluttered websites in the past, which in my opinion made it difficult to navigate a webpage.  I believe that a website should be beautiful, but simple to use.  This is a very straight forward, almost cliche design but clean and neat.  Not a lot to say about the colors or logos or pictures.  This is a pretty standar design.

The website itself does what it says it will do, providing articles and tools to help you get an auto loan from the comforts of your own home.  It also provides a safe and secure online application so there is no need to spend hours in a dealership just to be told there is nothing they can do for you.  In my opinion, I would rather find out that my credit will not allow me to get a vehicle, while I am at home, rather than wasting a day at the dealership.  However, I personally know people who have recieved car loans even with terrible credit, by using websites and tools such as this.

Check It Out... Bad Credit Auto Loans

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Shadow alley has created a large amount of websites for the auto industry and many others in Western Pennsylvania.  Ranging from very simple and quite honestly, a little boring, to very innovative and exciting to look at.  We will review each one of the sites in detail in the future, but for the time being, here is a list of keywords to check out each site.

Bad Credit Car Loans | Used Car Loans

Used Cars Indiana Pa

Used Cars Greensburg Pa

Used Cars Pittsburgh Pa

Pittsburgh Car Loan

Bad Credit Car Loans | Used Car Loans

Make Music Collaborate Online | Record Music Online

Pa Loan | Car Loans | Home Loans

Fortune Auto Credit | Bad Credit Auto Loans

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